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Negombo, which is one of the major commercial hubs in the country is known for its long sandy beaches and centuries old fishing industry. The Beach Park is considered to be one of the best beaches visited by both locals and tourists.

It offers you the traditional Sri Lankan beach experience , sun – kissed golden sand beaches, luscious coconut palms, warm blue waters and warm topical weather conditions. The Dutch Fort in Negombo, which is situated on a narrow spit between the lagoon and the Gulf is not far from the fish market.

The lagoon is also one of the most scenic landmark of Negombo. Plenty of birds and species of wildlife can be seen in its mangroves. The St.Mary’s church, one of the largest cathedrals in Sri Lanka is in the heart of Negombo.

Moreover, the Angurukaramulla Temple (Bodhirajaramaya) is a colourful temple with 6m hight statue of Lord Buddha, ornate sculptures, murals and the ruins of a historic library.

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